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We like to have fun a Pawderosa Ranch. From seeing our regular friends that come in weekly, wagging their tales in anticipation, to all the new pooches that are being introduced to us daily, mealtime, playtime, and naptime are all a part of fun-filled day. However, we also know that for some owners and dogs alike, that their first dog daycare and boarding facility visit can be one full of anxiousness and doubt. A large part of our mission here at the ranch is to make all dogs comfortable, sociable, and at ease with new people and dogs alike. Over the years we’ve become known as facility that can have lasting, positive success on some dogs that have come in with noticeable social issues.

Meet ‘Sox H.’ – A Ranch Success Story

Sox is a beautiful lab who has showed us what a transformational experience daycare can be. Sox H is a lab mix whose outlook has improved dramatically since day 1 at the Ranch. Sox was adopted from a shelter with little background information known about him. His parents noticed right away that he became anxious around strangers and new experiences. Recognizing the growing amount of stress that made Sox unpredictable, it wasn’t too long before his new Mom and Dad decided to bring him in to daycare to try socialization.

When we met Sox it became clear to us that he was scared and unsure of himself around the other dogs. His parents told us their concerns, but upon dog boarding San Antonioseeing him we realized just how fragile he was. During our first meeting his tail was tightly tucked between his legs, he was shaking, and he even pulled out of his harness while in the parking lot and ran down the street. Adult dogs who have been mistreated or neglected will often face new situations with anxious behavior, but when properly socialized around other dogs, find comfort in their interactions. We knew this would be the key to helping Sox. It took about 5 visits, but Sox started to loosen up and meet the other pups without fear.

Time after time he became more comfortable around our staff and our dogs. He made so much progress at the Ranch that now, when out and about with Mom and Dad, he approaches new dogs and people with ease. Now, he pulls mom and dad through the door and runs straight to the play area. If we take too long to let him in, he will bolt back up to the front to tell us to hurry! He sure knows how to play now… He always finds a friend or three to play with at the Ranch.

Be Your Own Success Story and Read the Rest!

Sox H. isn’t our only Ranch Success Story, download our free ebook to read the rest! If you have a dog that seems to have social anxiety or a behavioral quirk when around other new dogs and people, give us a call – we’d love to talk.

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