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Thanksgiving has come and gone (thank goodness) and while you’re still loafing around trying to recover from the overabundance of leftover turkey – Christmas looms large on the calendar ready to burst forth in holiday mirth and music. How was your Thanksgiving with your favorite four-footed pal? Fantastic we hope! However, if you’re having some misgivings about not being able to leave town because of your pooch – don’t worry! There’s still time to book your stay at Pawderosa Ranch in time for the holidays. Don’t take our word for it; here are 10 reasons to dog-board, and why other dog owners are probably considering boarding this December.

1. The Laws of Gravity will be Tested

Dog Boarding San Antonio


2. Oh the Indignity…

Dog Boarding San Antonio


3. Health Codes WILL be Violated

Dog Boarding San Antonio


4. How did it come to this?

Dog Boarding San Antonio


5. Your guests will have to treat the backyard like a Minefield

Dog boarding in San Antonio


6. With all the unwrapping…they’ll want in too

Dog Boarding in San Antonio


7. The Great Christmas Heist will be inevitable

Dog Boarding in San Antonio



8. You might actually save money…no really

Dog boarding in San antonio


9. Santa will get more than just milk and cookies

Dog Boarding in San antonio


10. That general look of GUILT

Dog Boarding in San Antonio


Book your Little Rascal’s Stay Today

Hurry before it’s too late and you’re subjected to a canine Christmas takeover! We know you love your dog and that’s why we encourage you to make Pawderosa Ranch your first choice when it comes to boarding them. We’ll treat them like family this holiday season as they have a blast joining the rest of the elf-pack. Spaces are already limited so call and reserve yours today. Happy holidays!

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