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No one had to tell you that your pooch is one of the most important aspects of your life. Showing limitless enthusiasm and an undying loyalty towards you is what makes your dog (and dogs in general) one of our planet’s most social species. Scientist have long known that through selective breeding training that dogs have become an indispensable part of the human experience, but do they stand alone in the animal kingdom when it comes to measuring their level of sociability? Here are a few other species that also interact not only at a high level with one another, but with people as well.


Of course we would include wolves – they’re your dog’s older cousins! Now these carnivores are definitely a bit more on the gnarly side than the above animals listed, but don’t let their natural aggression overshadow their close social ties. A wolf pack is like a big family with a breeding pair of parents, daughters, sons, sisters and brothers. Intelligent, cunning, and possessing great curiosity, wolves have shown the ability to problem solve and exhibit a wide range of “emotions” that are typically attributed with humans.


While chimpanzees typically take the cake for being the most social of primates, people often forget that gorillas have just as unique and complicated social structures. Groups of gorillas may be as strong as 20 individuals, each with their own roles and hierarchy within. At the core of the group dynamic is the individual male-female bond – an extremely close relationship centered on grooming, feeding, and protection.


Parrots have sometimes been labeled as one of the most misunderstood animals that are kept as pets. Many well-meaning owners have found that their feathery friend is too much to handle as birds who are under stimulated and not in a social environment will often act out in undesirable ways. What owners don’t understand is that screaming, biting, and creating “nesting” materials are all natural behaviors and that parrots desire to form strong, lifelong bonds in captivity the same way they do in the wild.


Also known as cetaceans, whales have long been revered throughout history for their size, majesty, and mysteriousness. Only in the last century or so have we set aside time to study these amazing creatures apart from simply seeing them as a resource. We now know that they are one of the most intelligent species alive, capable of memory recollection, communication, and complex feeding/hunting techniques that are passed down from generation to generation. It’s been said that if whales had hands instead of fins – they’d build cities.

Get Social at our Pet Boarding Facility!

Understanding your dog’s behavior is one of the best ways you can be a better, more effective owner. That’s why at Pawderosa Ranch we work closely with owners and their pets to ensure there is understanding and education throughout our dog boarding process. We want to meet your dog’s individual needs and make them excited about staying at the ranch. Contact us today for more information!


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