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Before we learn more about Angel, we must introduce his sweet pup Banjo. He is Angel’s cherished canine companion, a heeler mix with a playful outdoor spirit who deeply connects with Angel’s feelings and emotions.heeler mix at dog daycare

Three words that Angel uses to capture Pawderosa are FURnomenal, GRReat, and BARKtacular, representing fun, innovation, and love.Daycare employee loving dogsOne of Angel’s most treasured memories is kickstarting activities at the mission location and being actively involved in those beginnings. Additionally, Angel enjoys spending time at the shelter during holidays, feeding pups.
Pitbull at daycare
Angel holds a special bond with Frankie, a dog at our airport location, who Angel affectionately calls a “day-changer” dog. Frankie’s playful and loving demeanor never fails to lift spirits and bring joy to everyone around him.

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