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Haley’s dogs include Goku, a 7-year-old lab/husky mix who enjoys lounging about the house, playing with his new dog companion, Koya, a mini labradoodle. Koya, originally a daycare resident, now thrives in Haley’s care, delighting in zooming around and snuggling with her human children.

Haley describes Pawderosa as loyal, creative, and nurturing, striving to offer top-notch care to every canine visitor.

Her fondest memories span years of forming incredible bonds with clients, dogs, and colleagues, many of whom have become her dearest friends.

Her all-time favorite furry friend, Darby Kuhns, was a delightful character who would burst into the room ready for some back scratches and fearless pool dives. Known as the “Beyoncé” of the airport for her fame and entertaining antics, she always put on a show for everyone.

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