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Savannah just celebrated her 1 year anniversary at the Ranch! She is an all-around gal at our Schertz location and works as a Care, Enrichment and Client Specialist. 

Savannah had two pups for about 13 years named Prince and Princess who unfortunately passed away almost a year ago right when she started working at The Ranch. We have heard Savannah brag a bunch that Prince and Princess were the best pup’s ever and beyond perfect!

When asked to describe Pawderosa Ranch, Savannah said exciting, loving and playful. Exciting because everyday is a new day filled with new dogs and even reoccurring dogs. She explained that making the groups is the fun part because we get to make new furends for the pup’s and explore new ideas during enrichment. Loving because very staff member loves these dogs and treats these guys like our own. And playful because we always make sure the dogs are being played with and feel like a member of our pack. The different themed days really help with the enrichment fun because the dogs get excited to see their favorite staff members and are more willing to jump through hoops. (Literally!).

Savannah says her favorite memory at the Ranch is starting splash day in Frontier Club for the first time and seeing all the dogs go crazy for the hose and pool! It is hilarious and such a fun time to see them splash around on a hot summers day.


Savannah has a soft spot in her heart for our Ranchers Kallie and London. Both girls clicked with she right away and she loves their free spirits and funny personalities. After Savannah’s pup’s passed, they gave her so much love and made her feel happier when they are around. Kallie and London’s friendship is also amazing and made Savannah realize that friendships can be found in all species, not just hoomans!

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