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The Fourth of July is a fun holiday full of cookouts with friends and family, great food and of course, fireworks. However, while you and your friends may enjoy the fireworks, they can be incredibly stressful for dogs who are afraid of loud noises.

How to help reduce your dog’s fear of fireworks this Fourth of July:

  1. Relocate to a Quiet place

If you are going to be hosting friends and family and you know there will be fireworks, think about relocating your dog to friends house or dog kennel where the staff is trained in dog behavior. Leaving the house not an option? Set up a crate or safe space in your dog’s favorite closet with their favorite blankets and toys. Keep them company and make sure they don’t feel alone.

  1. Tucker Them Out Before

Try exercising your dog before the fireworks begin. A long intense walk or play session can help tire them out and result in less energy they have left to panic about what’s going on outside.

  1. Sound Preparation

Dogs can lose their fear of loud noises when desensitised properly. For this to work you need to start far in advance, gradually introducing your pup to loud noises can help. Use positive reinforcement and treats when your dog doesn’t react to your noises. As your pup gets comfortable, get louder and louder until you feel confident with their comfort level.

  1. Eliminate Visual Triggers

If possible, keep your blinds closed. Removing the visual triggers of fireworks can help reduce your dog’s stress.

All dogs should be safely put away inside and should have proper identification in case something was to happen. If you follow these tips your dog will be very grateful for your care in ensuring their Independence Day is a quiet one!

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