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Today, man’s best friends are living longer and healthier lives thanks to advancements in dog care.

However, there is no way to avoid aging and it will eventually catch up with every dog. Aging dogs can struggle with mobility and face difficulties with lack of energy and possibly even depression. While unfortunately there is nothing we can do to avoid this, we can help ensure healthy aging in our dogs with the proper care!

When caring for aging dogs, mental stimulation and physical exercise are the keys to staying healthy and happy. Aging dogs are still their naturally curious and smart selves who will benefit from plenty of mental and physical exercise.

To keep again dogs active, get creative with fun ways to incorporate physical and mental exercise into their routine. There are plenty of unique ways to keep them moving and thinking!

Use swimming as exercise for older dog

Ideas for Physical Exercise

  1. Go for a hike, right here in San Antonio.
  2. Jump in! Swimming is an exciting way to stay active. Plus, it may aid in easing joint pain.
  3. Complete obstacle courses. Obstacles courses can be set up within your home and made out of things found in the house.

Ideas for Mental Exercise

  1. Teach new tricks. It’s true what they say, old dogs can learn new tricks!
  2. Introduce new scents, toys and treats. Aging dogs, and all dogs, should be discovering as often as possible.
  3. Make new friends. Meeting new dogs is a great mental and physical stimulation!
  4. Give your dog the task, like picking up the daily paper. They will love having a task to focus on and will look forward to completing it every day.

At Pawderosa Ranch there is no age limit! We welcome dogs of all ages to come play with us and are happy to customize each dog’s ranch experience to their comfort. Our staff is expertly trained in creating a safe and fun experience for all,  including our most senior dog boarding ranchers. We also welcome senior dogs in doggy daycare. Have questions? Speak to our specialists today about your aging dog’s needs.

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