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Summertime is such a fun time for dogs who get to spend time with their families every day! However, summer is quickly ending and soon the kids will be back in school and many dogs will be left at home all day. Before this summer break ends is the perfect time to make a plan on how to care for your dog when school is back in session.

Nightly Walks 

Walking with your dog as a family each evening is a fun activity, and it encourages good behavior. A brisk walk will tire your dog mentally and physically, which encourages better behavior while staying inside. Join other dogs and families in the neighborhood for your walks and up the fun! You can also provide your dog with a fun activity and discourage scavenging by playing a game on your walk. Tossing a favorite treat in front of you every few minutes and giving the command to “find it,” discourages your dog from picking up things they shouldn’t have. Remember, a tired pup is a good pup.

Dog friendly restaurants in San Antonio

Dog-Friendly Restaurants 

One of the great things about San Antonio is that it’s largely dog-friendly. A lot of restaurants, pubs, cafes, and coffee houses throughout the city welcome dogs and their owners at their outdoor decks and patios. However, it is important to note that is an option is for well-behaved dogs that are socialized and good on a leash. Need inspiration for where to eat around the city? Check out our blog about dog-friendly restaurants in San Antonio. Your dog will appreciate this time out of the house enjoying time with the family.

Doggie Daycare 

Perhaps one of the best ways to ensure your dog gets physical and mental stimulation in a safe environment while the kids are back in school is San Antonio Dog Daycare. These dog experts provide love and one-on-one attention that can help to alleviate separation anxiety and prevent your dog from being lethargic all day. Dogs are less likely to develop destructive habits if they have a lot of interaction with humans, plenty of fun physical activities, and rest time during the day. Being in a safe, controlled environment and having playtime with other dogs will build confidence in your dog and improve social skills.

Pawderosa Ranch was voted the best doggie daycare in San Antonio. We are proud to provide activities for your dog that will keep him physically and mentally stimulated and ready to relax with you in the evening.

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