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In today’s ever connected world of instant communication people are finding it easier than ever to start their own businesses and be their own boss. The pet industry has become a big DIY field for entrepreneurs, especially for those who are a bit tech savvy. From those who will lend you their services for dog washing, pet sitting, and food delivery, to those who are even hired to come play with your pup – the options are only growing by the day.

Along with all the convenience however is the growing worry of adequate expertise and training possessed by these purveyors of pet services. Who are they? Where do they come from? What makes them qualified to take care of your loyal companion? Anyone can build a website and have a business card. What matters is that they have the knowledge behind the looks. At Pawderosa Ranch we’d like to give you 4 reasons why choosing a dog boarding and training facility over pet sitting can be a wise decision.

1. The Importance of Certifications

You should take certifications seriously when it comes to taking care of your pet. Someone may be “good with dogs”, but what does that really mean – that they simply haven’t an incident occur? By hiring someone with a certification to look after your dog you not only have peace of mind that they have adequate knowledge but that you are also working with someone who considers themselves a professional and invests in themselves to become better.

2. Situation-specific Training

Especially during these hot summer months it’s important that those who work with your dog are properly trained to handle any number of health-related situations. Does your sitter know what to do if your dog comes down with heat stroke, an allergy, or exhibits symptoms of a preexisting medical condition? Knowing how to deal with the unexpected can sometimes be the difference between life and death in certain situations.

3. Hazardous Environment

Often dog sitters operate from the comfort of their own home. Some have invested quite a bit of time and money to make sure their space is as dog friendly and comfortable as possible. However, unless you’ve done a complete walkthrough of the space your dog is to stay, you may be overlooking potential hazards like other aggressive dogs, improperly maintained fences, or pools.

4. The Importance of Socializing

Probably one of the most overlooked but vital aspects of boarding is to make sure your dog is engaged socially at high level during their stay. The biggest benefit of boarding at a facility is that dogs often have a lot of outdoor time where they can meet and play with other dogs. Depending on how long you’re gone, this social interaction will prove to be a much healthier alternative to keeping them by themselves.

Wanna get away and need a spot your “Spot” can stay for a few days? Bring em to the ranch! Click on the button below to view our boarding options.

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