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From May June,

(a regular at the Pawderosa Ranch Schertz location)



Mom dropped me off at camp to stay for the next few days. While she is gone, I get to have fun with my camp family!

My bed is so soft and squishy – I almost didn’t get up for run around time, but my favorite lady here came around to get me. She called me out to play with my friends, so I got up and stretched my legs and tired paws. My tail was wagging like crazy – I couldn’t slow it any – and she walked me outside the big main building.

This air was cold on my nose as I ran. I saw my friends Princess, Gizmo and Dixie on the green grass and I went to them. Sniff. Sniff. Sniff. We said hello and played so many games! The people call the games fetch, tug of war and hide and seek. The people run around with us, and I can’t jump over the high fence – even when I want to chase something.

Sometimes the nice people teach me new tricks and I get yummies. I have learned to shake and roll over so far. Dixie knows way more tricks than me, but I will catch up to her. I learn fast and mom practices the tricks with me at home.

When I get tired, I go back to my private room. It has so much move around space, and mom even remembered to bring my favorite toy – a bunny named Lucy. I get to eat good food, cuddle with Lucy and go to bed.

If I get too dirty, I get a bath. Baths are the worst, but mom likes me a lot better when all the dirt is gone.

I am happy to see mom when she gets back, but I have so much fun at camp, it makes me miss her less. I get to play and run and meet new dogs and all the people are nice.


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