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In Need of Dog Boarding in San Antonio?

Is that long weekend away with friends quickly approaching? Or maybe you’ve been called out-of-town unexpectedly? Either way, you are in need of someone to watch your pooch, but where do you start?

While you give your pup all the love and attention they could ever need, professional dog boarding kennels make it their life’s work to provide the same level of care. Professional dog boarding also provides your dog with more attention and supervision than an in-person pet sitter or dog walker.

Having an understanding of what to expect from your local dog boarding options can help you prepare for your dog’s stay and most importantly, relax. Whether you’re out of town on vacation or not, at Pawderosa Ranch dog boarding your pup will be treated to a vacation-like stay and play.

Top-Notch Dog Boarding Safety and Supervision

Professional dog boarding kennels put the safety of your dog at the top of their list. Each area within the kennel, whether play or rest, is designed to provide a safe and sanitary experience. Vaccination requirements at boarding kennels also help ensure that your dog will only be around healthy dogs that are regularly seen by their veterinarians.

Dogs playing at boarding kennel

Exceptional Dog Care and Boarding Comfort

Whether you choose to put your pup up in a private kennel or a private room, dog boarding kennels provide all dogs with a place to relax and unwind at the end of each day. At Pawderosa Ranch dog boarding, your dog will also be treated to 5-star hotel nightly accommodations such as cozy bedding, fresh water and soothing music. 

Dogs sharing a stick

Plenty of Puppy Love and Dog Daycare Playtime

Professional dog boarders are love and playtime experts! (It’s the best part of the job!) The goal is that every dog has a constant tail wag and a massive slobber smile. Enrichment activities are held regularly throughout the day and are designed to make sure your dog is mentally stimulated. Not all dog boarding kennels are created equal – be sure to find somewhere that your dog will be well-supervised and encouraged to socialize by highly trained staff.

Pawderosa Ranch is proud to be the best dog boarding in San Antonio. Our dog boarding services offer your pup a true vacation experience while you are out of town. We have two dog boarding locations near you, each staffed with the experts in safety, playtime and puppy love. Book dog boarding with Pawderosa Ranch, your pup will be ‘fur’ever glad you did!

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