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Do you ever have a moment as dog owner where you look into their eyes and just “get it”? No, they can’t talk, drive a car, balance a checkbook, or cook you dinner (heck you spend a lot more on their food than on yours sometimes!), but none of that matters. What you get out of deep connection with your friend is something words can’t quite describe. They make us smile, laugh, frustrated, and excited about life. Let’s face it – dogs are awesome and these pics prove why.

They’ll never leave your side.

Dog Daycare in San Antonio


No matter how hard the going gets or how dangerous, dogs display a level of loyalty that is rare even within our own species.

They help out as best the can.

Dog Daycare in San Antonio

No hands, no pawblem. They are always willing if not always able.

They know when you’ve had a bad day.

Dog Daycare in San Antonio

Sometimes it seems like there’s no one who cares. They do, with all their hearts.

They know how to have fun.

Dog Daycare in San Antonio

Go for a walk? Watch TV? Have a beer? Play Frisbee? Down. Totally down.

They know how to share (most of the time)

Dog Daycare in San Antonio

Sure, they want their way sometimes, but they’re usually content to settle.

They are mischievous.

Dog Daycare in San Antonio

Who doesn’t like a good prank. Rest assured, your dog does!

They are pure trust, pure adventure.

Dog Daycare in San Antonio

Your pup will only go as far as you do. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lazy day on the couch or zooming around on the back of a scooter.

The comfort is mutual.

Dog Daycare in San Antonio

There are those rare moments of complete mutual affection and reliance – so worth it!

They think you’re awesome too.

Dog Daycare in San Antonio

Here’s at ya pal, we love you for everything you are too. – Dogs

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