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You are dog devotees like us – it’s a given – and those long stretches away from your precious pooch while you’re at work, running errands or hanging out in pet-unfriendly settings are torture. Thankfully, there are plenty of fabulous canine social media starlets and curated accounts for you to scroll through and stare at in the meantime.

We all love posting photos of our puppies, but the notion of a dog-centered social media account became a phenomenon fairly recently – take Boo for example. By now you have heard of Boo, we assume. Boo is an adorable Pomeranian puppy with the hair cut of a fluffy teddy bear that took the world by storm in the early 2000’s. He now has 17 million Facebook likes, two books, his own stuffed animal and 612k followers on Instagram, which is on par with some of your most beloved celebrities.

Boo paved the way, but some owners are capitalizing on our love of adorable dogs and getting creative – posting breathtaking travel pics, focusing on outlandish outfits and some are just telling the quirky biographies of a day in the life of their pup. Here is our list of the top eight canine Instagrammers you should start following ASAP. THE LIST

1: @thedogist – 1.4 million followers

Seemingly modeled after the Humans of New York series, this photo-documentary account has traveled the world snapping photos profiling the beauty of various dogs mid-walk.

Boats, Great Dane (5 y/o), Space Needle, Seattle, WA • “He’s the mayor of the Space Needle.” A photo posted by The Dogist (@thedogist) on

2: @tunameltsmyheart – 1.6 million followers

This chweenie named Tuna has an overbite and a face that can only be described as, “so ugly it’s cute.” Once abandoned on the side of the road in San Diego, Tuna was rescued, adopted by a loving woman and later turned into a meme. He is now regularly visiting other famous hounds and making his rounds in society.

That relatable moment when your bowtie is bigger than your biceps :/ Happy #NationalBowTieDay from this stud. ?

A photo posted by Tuna {breed:chiweenie} (@tunameltsmyheart) on

3: @andrewknapp – 458 thousand followers

Adventurer, graphic designer and photographer Andrew Knapp and his travel partner, Momo, a ridiculously photogenic border collie, have found their fame in hide and seek. Knapp has created a series of Find Momo books inspired by his Instagram, tailing the dog’s adventures with his owner.


A photo posted by Andrew Knapp (@andrewknapp) on

4: @barkbox – 998 thousand followers

Barkbox is a company that offers a monthly subscription of toys, treats and goodies for your darling. Despite being a pretty neat organization, Barkbox runs an absurdly entertaining Instagram that features comical videos and absurdly costumed animals hanging out.

5: @thiswildidea – 1 million followers

Maddie the coonhound was adopted by photographer Theron Humphrey from a Georgia shelter in 2010. Amidst his “The Wild Idea” project where he traveled the world and became friends with a new person each day, he discovered a muse in Maddie. She has perfect balance and the face of Mona Lisa.

6: @mensweardog 230 – thousand followers

Combining two things people like to view, fashion and dogs, a husband-wife team composed of a graphic designer and fashion expert began presenting menswear advice on their beloved dog, Bodhi. Their Instagram account now features a variety of exquisitely dressed dogs but continues offering marvelous men’s style advice.

Wait. Who ate your homework? #backtoschool #firstdayofclass #professordog #MenswearDogBook A photo posted by Menswear Dog (@mensweardog) on

7: @mydogiscutest – 261 thousand followers

This account is simply a sharing tool for people wanting to share and look at some of the cutest dogs in the world. Let the “Awwwwwwwwwws” ensue.

8: @nevillejacobs – 173 thousand followers 

Marc Jacobs’ dog leads a posh life, indeed. His jaw line is incredible, of course and his black and grey stills are flawless. His famous designer daddy makes an occasional appearance in the bull terrier’s account, but Neville is holding his own and using New York as his playground.

Don’t forget your pup wants to be entertained too! After you finish scrolling through these doggie-centric Instagrams, click below and check out the daycare and boarding services we offer at Pawderosa.


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