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So you’re thinking about getting a puppy? Get ready for a brave new world of discovery, cuteness, angst, and friendship that is perfectly captured in the latest viral sensation from Buzzfeed. feel the feels and have a box of tissue handy because there’s no coming back from where you’re about to go.

1. When you see them, you know they are the one. (0:15)

Many times Puppyhood isn’t something that’s planned, it’s something that happens to you in an instant. When you see your slobbery soulmate, there’s nothing to consider. They’re going home with you immediately.

2. You’re totally in a serious relationship now. (0:28)

With a single decision you’ve cast off the cloak of solitary existence and are now forever entwined in an inseparable relationship built on love and leftovers.

3. It’s ok to “try out” different names….no matter how silly. (0:44)

No one is good at naming the first time around. That’s ok because your little puppy pal doesn’t even know that they’re a dog or what a name is. You’ll find the one that suites them in time.

4. You’ll feel like a puppy again yourself. (1:02)

Nothing will get you slipping and sashaying around your kitchen like a darned fool quicker than your new little four-footed friend. It’s ok to be silly again.

5. You can’t wait to teach them about the world. (1:10-1:45)

Since everything is a new, exciting experience for your pup, you’ll get the pleasure of rediscovering the simple wonder of everyday life.

6. Mealtime means it’s not about you anymore. (2:00)

Being an adult is hard. Sometimes it’s hard just taking care of yourself. Guess what, now you have to think about a furry, helpless child every day you wake up. Don’t worry – it’s worth it!

7. Playtime is every time, all the time. (2:22-2:41)

Get ready to lose those extra pounds you’ve been packing. Your evenings will now be spent handling slobbery sticks and long walks in the park. “Bedtime” means nothing to them. Really.

8. You can’t stay mad at something so cute. (2:53)

Rest assured they will infuriate you from time to time, but in the end they just have a way of making your heart melt.

9. You’ll never eat alone again. (3:07)

When you’re doing what man’s best friend loves to do the most, you’ll never be alone. Set the table for two, because every night is date night.

10. Your outlook on life will become more positive. (3:15)

If you’re a natural cynic or always see the glass half empty, there’s nothing like rearing a puppy that will make you smile and enjoy life more.

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