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When do you usually think about boarding your pets? For most people, boarding is necessary in emergency situations, if you don’t have a dog sitter, or if you’re going on vacation. But in our experience, we meet dogs every day who just need a little bit of playtime and socialization with other dogs. Because we’ve discovered that socialization and dog daycare benefits dogs and overall health, we operate private dog boarding in San Antonio and Schertz Texas where we facilitate off leash group play. Here’s why we think social interaction is important for dogs.

1. Dogs are Inherently Social

Dogs are social creatures and like human beings, need love, attention and interaction in order to be healthy. Most often we have found that shy and aggressive dogs are lacking one of their most important basic needs. Dog parents show their dogs plenty of love and attention, but when new people or other dogs come too close, fear triggers aggression and anxiety in the dog. This is a prime example of a lack of socialization in adult dogs.

socializing anxious dogs ebook coverIn the first three months of a dog’s life, he is naturally equipped to learn new experiences, some easy some hard, but when he becomes an adult he becomes much more anxious in new situations. With off-leash group play around other dogs in a controlled environment, adult dogs have shown to become more relaxed in new social experiences outside of daycare. It takes a little practice, but it works!

Check out some of our success stories from the Ranch to learn more.

2. Dogs Need Exercise

If your dog is cooped up in your house or apartment all day, he’s probably not exerting a whole lot of that doggie energy. So when you take him out for an afternoon walk after work, he’s literally pulling you down the street! Many of are daycare regulars bring their dogs in for a half day while at work to make sure he’s getting proper exercise on a weekly basis. It helps when you come home from work relaxed and your dog is feeling the same.

3. Practicing Socialization Helps Your Dog Behave in Public

The world is becoming increasingly more dog friendly it seems. How many new restaurants have started allowing dogs on the patio, or other public spaces allowing dogs on leashes? Socialization helps your dog become more well behaved around new dogs and people outside of daycare because they’re well exercised, and conditioned to feel relaxed when meeting new dogs and people.

Evaluate how social your dog is by watching his behavior in front of new dogs and people. Socialization may be what he needs to improve his behavior and overall health.

Does your dog need some Ranch time? For dog boarding and daycare in San Antonio or Schertz call us or contact us online today!

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