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Ever make time to brush your dogs teeth? Most veterinarians recommend brushing once a day at best, but at least twice per week. You may get a reminder once in a while that it’s time to brush when you get a whiff of doggie breath, but actually there’s a little more going on in your dogs mouth than just stench.

Similar to humans, dogs need regular dental care to reduce the spreading of harmful pathogens in the mouth. Periodontal (gum disease) is common. 85% of dogs over 5 have it, which is sad considering how simple it is to prevent.

For a dog, gum disease is not only painful, but infections can spread into other organs causing long-term irreparable damage. A dogs, mouth is warm and moist, a perfect place for bacteria to set up shop and spread over time. Plaque buildup, tarter and swelling of the gums can lead to infection, abscess and tooth-loss if not dealt with.

A simple preventative measure goes a long way. Here are the steps you should take NOW if you haven’t already started brushing his teeth. Remember he’s going to have to get used to this and learn to deal with it as well.

Start Brushing Now!

Step 1: Purchase a toothbrush and doggie toothpaste at your local pet store. Don’t attempt to use human toothpaste because your dog will swallow it and get an upset stomach. The doggie toothpaste is okay to swallow.

Step 2: Before brushing with the toothbrush examine your dogs gums to determine wether or not he needs to see the vet. Swelling, excessive amounts of plaque buildup and tartar buildup means you should be okay to brush, anything worse than that – take him in to see the vet.

Step 3: Gently brush his teeth using your finger to get him used to the feeling. Apply the doggie tooth paste to the gums and teeth. Do this until he’s settled enough for the brush.

brush your dogs teethIf you can start brushing your dogs teeth at least a couple of times a week now, you’ll save him from a lot of pain and anguish later!

We brush teeth at the Ranch! On your next visit, ask us about our toothbrushing services!

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