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Easter is this weekend folks! This holiday filled with memories of neon-colored egg hunting, family and chocolate bunnies has everyone excited! If you have pets and children, Easter is a very special time for your family, but beware, Easter dog  treats can get the best of your pup if you’re not careful. Here are some tips to keep your furry friend out of harms way this Easter:

1.   Keep track of your painted hard-boiled eggs

You’ll probably want to do this regardless because you don’t want the house to smell like a “rotten egg”, but try this in consideration of your pup’s safety. Trust me, he will eat hard boiled eggs! His strong nose will be sure to find it before you do, so try your best to remember those sneaky hiding places so you can keep an eye out.

2.   Hide chocolate-filled plastic eggs in high places

The bright colors of these plastic eggs are sure to attract your pup. When he finds it, there’s a good chance that he’ll think it’s a toy, the smell of chocolate is hard to resist for any pup. On that note, we all know that chocolate is extremely harmful to your dog’s digestive tract, so it’s important to take extra precautions this coming holiday weekend.

3.   Watch out for the Easter grass

The problem with the plastic Easter grass, used to stuff most Easter baskets, is that many animals like to play or nibble on it. The grass itself isn’t toxic, but it can cause serious problems by getting tangled up in your pets stomach and bowels. This can result in painful internal damage so keep your eyes peeled and make sure your pup isn’t getting into it. Use a paper substitute if you can.

 4.   Keep the Easter lillies out of reach

Easter Lillies are highly poisonous to your pets, and not just the petal! The leaves, stem and pollen are all toxic. If your dog does get hold of an Easter Lilly be sure to contact the veterinarian ASAP! The sooner you get him in to the vet, the higher chance he has of survival. Some signs that your pup may have eaten part of an Easter Lilly include: vomiting, lethargy and loss of appetite. Want to make sure your pup stays out of the goodies while your out celebrating the day with family?

Bring him to The Ranch!

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