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Where the heck did dog shaming come from? Images of dogs with handwritten signs have been pouring out all over the internet since 2012. These images have captured the hearts of minds of animal lovers on blogs and social media with likes and shares from around the world. (See And why not? How can you see something like this without it stirring up a laugh or a smile?

dog shaming



What Started This?

It all started with a dachshund, some chewed underwear, and a photo that went viral on (See photo) In August of 2012, the tumblr blog that featured the photo of the dachshund with a sign that said “I’m an underwear eating jerk!” went viral. The post received nearly 1000 impressions within the first week. (See tumblr blog)

The user submitted photo’s began piling in, each one more hilarious than the last, and thus the art of dog shaming was born. An internet sensation for man and dog alike.

What Does Shame Look Like?

All dog owners know the shameful expression of a dog, the one they make when they’ve done something disagreeable. Ears fall back, tails are tucked, eyes cut away from you, and movements are cautious and steady. The video compilation below has all the evidence you’ll need.

Dog’s are pleasers. They love to make there owners happy, but when they sense disapproval, their hearts and their eyes fill with shame. For humans, you want to be stern because your probably still mourning the annihilation of your favorite pair of shoes, but the sight of a shameful dog is just too heartwarming to bare. Don’t you agree? Oh well. It’s just another one of the simple joys of owning a dog i suppose 🙂

photo credit: Lexinatrix via photopin cc

photo credit: Pretty Poo Eater via photopin cc

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