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The 5 articles listed provide perfect examples of dogs being the funniest creatures on earth. Dogs have personalities and charm simply can’t be mistaken by any other species on the planet. To celebrate this fact and these photographers being in the right place at the right time, here are the five funniest dog articles of 2013! 😀

dogs walking past cats

Dogs Terrified Of Walking Past Cats, A Dramatic Compilation

These dogs cant figure out what it is, but there’s just something not right about cats.  They’re willing to avoid awkward encounters with cats at all costs.

best dog vines

The Best Dog Vines of 2013

I was skeptical at first but these dog vines are amazing. There’s a vine in this compilation of a dog riding a bike. Enough said.

dog photobomb

25 Best Dog Photobombs

Photo bombing is an art form invented by human beings, but perfected by dogs.

unimpressed dog

Funny Engagement Photo Features Couple’s Seriously Unimpressed Dog

Two hilariously things here.. 1.) This dogs name is Blanche. 2.) I cant tell wether Blanche is more unimpressed with the cheesy engagement photo shoot, or her owner blowing into her ear.

the womens tree

The 15 Funniest Dog Ads Ever

I would seriously think about changing the title of this article “The 15 Most Outrageous Dog Ads Ever”. These are the kinds of ads that don’t tie back to the company or product in any way at all- there designed purely for shock value. (viewer discretion advised)

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