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We’ve grown accustomed to seeing smiling dogs at the Ranch. They’re the biggest reward of the job, and we get to witness them everyday! It is this rewarding experience that drives us to share the importance of socialization to overall health and well-being.

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Reese and Riley on February 2nd

How does letting an anxious dog play with other dogs contribute to his overall health and well-being you ask? It’s the same as asking a person: “How does social interaction with other humans contribute to your overall health and well being?” Dog’s truly are amazing social creatures just like us. We know this because we’ve had the opportunity to learn from them everyday.

Why Socialization? Who needs it?

In today’s world, there are more and more places in public where humans can take their dogs. Parks, shopping centers and restaurants are competing for the business of dog-loving consumers everywhere. Naturally, the demand for a dog-friendly world is so high that many are abandoning old establishments for new places that allow dogs. Accommodations have not always been made for dog loving consumers in public, so why the sudden change?

busy walking dogsHuman beings are busy, let’s face it. It’s difficult enough to find the time to take him on walks to the dog park, let alone train him to behave around new dogs and people 5 days out of the week. Since time is our most valuable asset, people are more likely to kill two birds with one stone to save it.

Of course convenience isn’t the only incentive. Dog lovers will always jump at the chance to spend more time with their pals. It seems that we’re moving in the direction of more socialization among not only dogs and people, but dogs and other dogs, which is great! But, be careful. Public places were not designed for dogs learning how to socialize for the first time.

What’s Wrong With a Dog-Friendly World?

We love the concept of a dog friendly world, but is your dog prepared for it? Adult dogs are particularly sensitive to new experiences and may not react well in trigger situations. Anxiety can easily turn from confusion to fear and fear to aggression. Often the problem arises when unsocialized dogs are confronted with new experiences without the slightest idea of how to handle them.

socializing anxious dogs ebook coverThis is where we propose socialization. Want to know more about what it is, and how we can help? Browse through this special ebook with examples of how socialization really helps dogs and dog owners.



P.S we won’t be mad if you download it just to see pictures of happy dogs. We get that all the time 🙂

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