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There are 3 ways to improve your dog’s behavior around other people: train them yourself, pay a professional for one-on-one and group play sessions, or let them play in a social environment. If your more interested in training them yourself we can tell you from experience, it’s not easy. Adult dogs are particularly set in there ways, but it can be done.

Do it Yourself

Check out How to Socialize Adult Dogs, Aggressive Dogs, & Shy Dogs if your up to the challenge. The information will help get you started on training him yourself. There are loads of resources out there on the web, not all of them recommended, but nonetheless plenty to sift through to aid you in your training efforts.

Professional Training

Professional trainers are going to help improve your dog’s behavior around strangers much more quickly than you can. Many of them have perfected techniques to help socialize your dog more quickly, usually beginning with one-on-one sessions to help practice quieting anxious, or overly energetic behavior in a controlled environment. Then, they will recommend group training sessions with social dogs for practice at mastering behavioral change.

Professional training, however effective can be expensive, and may not be necessary for some adult dogs. Your decision to choose professional training should be a careful one as you may be able to improve your dogs behavior in the comfort of your own home.

Socialization may be as easy as organizing doggie play dates for some friendly interaction on occasion, or as difficult as teaching him to not to growl at everything he sees. For extreme aggression and anxiety around strangers, professional training should definitely be considered.

What are the Benefits of Social Boarding?

We operate a daycare and boarding kennel where we facilitate social interaction between numerous dog breeds, young and old. We’re huge proponents of letting dogs play and interact to help improve behavior. There are a few ways dog boarding can help.

1: Plentiful Interaction With New People and Dogs

When you bring your dog into daycare for the first time, it’s likely they’ll have to get acquainted with a handful of new people and other dogs. Dog owners don’t always get around to outings at the dog park and other public places. But, plenty of time playing and interacting with a group of social dogs will help your dog’s behavior in public and around new people and dogs outside of daycare.

2: Exercise To Combat Anxiety

In humans, regular exercise boosts endorphins and healthy levels of dopamine production in the brain. The same goes for dogs.

In addition to being happier, exercise will also help them get out some energy and break into a run once in a while. Half-day daycare sessions are great for dogs who just need a little more exercise and play time.

Learn the many ways that you and your dog can make the most out of daycare and boarding in a social environment.

A Guide to Boarding Dogs Safely in a Social Environment

boarding and socializationIf your ready to take your dog out into the world with you, socialization is the best way to improve their behavior in public and around other animals. Professional boarding facilities provide a great opportunity for you to vacation while your dog practices socialization in a safe environment. This guide provides you with the information you need to select the right dog boarding facility to safely socialize your dog.

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