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You’ll know you’ve got a country dog when..

1. He will lie down on any floor surface: hard, soft, clean, or dirty. Especially on front porches.

2. He takes the back seat with the windows down on car rides.

3. When bored, he digs holes all over the yard and even manages to escape on occasion, but always comes back home.

4. Sometimes, when he comes back inside the house he smells like a dead animal. (This is his instinctive behavior to mask his scent.)

5. He appears unfazed in the presence of large animals: deer, cows, horses etc.

6. When off-leash, he scans the perimeter of the entire property, goes out of site, but returns within the hour.

7. He has brought one or more small mammals; birds, possum, squirrels, raccoons, to you and laid it’s corpse at your feet.

8. He’s been bitten by a rattlesnake at least once before.

9. He buries a bone, chew stick or toy in the couch cushions.

10. He wakes up every morning with the sun.

smaller city dog

You’ll know you’ve got a city dog when..

1. He prefers the comfort of a warm lap to the floor.

2. He will not eat certain types of dry dog food.

3. He takes his food away from his bowl to eat.

4. He has no problem sleeping in.

5. He would rather not step on wet grass.

6. He looks forward to bath time.

7. He has no problem wearing doggie hats, shirts and accessories.

8. He barks at everything: large animals, humans, unusual noises.

9. He shows no interest in being outside longer than necessary.

10. He has to be told multiple times, not to sit on the furniture.

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