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Is your cowpup well behaved enough to accompany you at a dog friendly restaurant? This restaurant down the road that I love has an outside patio, and they just became dog friendly! I was so excited because I love bringing my dog out to show him off, and plus there’s a really neat park across the street that’s perfect for a post-meal afternoon walk. But, I started to wonder; is he well behaved enough to sit with me in public for an entire meal?

Before you decide to take him out with you, consider a few situations that you may be confronted with.

Dog friendly restaurants will most likely have no dog limit, so your bound to run into other owners and their pets. The good thing is that you’ll be able to socialize with other dog owners who share the same passion for taking their dog out in public. But, what about Fido? Is he well behaved, obedient, and socialized enough to contain himself amidst all of the excitement? Try these 3 tips out if you’re unsure.

Exercise Before Going Out

With any dog friendly restaurant, especially at the busiest times in the day, there’s going to be a lot of stimulation. Other dogs, people and new smells are going to catch his attention. Take him on a thirty minute walk prior to your outing so that he can get some of that energy out.

Feed Him Before Going Out

If you’re planning on taking him out to eat with you, and you want to avoid him snatching things off of the table every chance he gets, help him out! Feed him before you go so he’s not tempted. A full belly before going out will help satisfy some of his urges.

Things You Should Bring

It’s always better to be over prepared. Remember that your dog will probably need something to do while he’s there to keep him distracted from all of the stimulation. Bring his favorite toy (small), a ball, rope or chew toy – preferably one that doesn’t squeak. This will help keep him from barking at other dogs and people that he sees.

Bring a portable water dish in case he gets thirsty. Often times the waiter will bring one out for you, but its better to be prepared in case they don’t.

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