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Practice safety when taking your dog to the beach this summer.

Summer is coming! Soon the weekends will be filled with sunny days and trips to the beach. For many beach goers, there’s nothing better than bringing your four-legged best friend with you. However, if you’re not careful the beach can be a harmful place for a dog.

To make the sun, sand and waves the perfect combination for the both of you, follow these shore safety tips!

1. Provide sun protection or find shade

Pack a cute umbrella or pick the spot next to the tree! Dog’s don’t have the ability to sweat so it is important that you watch for signs of overheating in your dog.

2. Bring plenty of fresh drinking water

Just like you, dogs need to stay hydrated. Make sure you have plenty of cool fresh drinking water for both you and your dog.

3. Watch what they drink

Saltwater is not good for dogs to drink. It can speed up dehydration and make them sick. Watch what your dog drinks and if they can’t swim without drinking the water then it may be best to stay out of the saltwater.

tips for taking your dog to the beach

4. Check the sand/shallow waters for harmful objects

Broken pieces of glass or sharp rocks can be hiding beneath the sand! Be sure to thoroughly check as cuts on your dog’s foot can be painful and lead to infections.

5. Avoid swimming in choppy waters or strong currents

Just like humans, even the strongest dog swimmers need to be careful. It can be easy your dog to be overwhelmed in difficult swimming conditions, especially when they’re tired from playing on the beach!

6. Invest in a life vest

Not only are dogs adorable in life vests, but they work! Help your dog enjoy more time in the water with a life vest.

7. Bathe thoroughly when done

All that salt and sand can get buried into your dog’s coat. Make sure to give a good bath when you get home so that the remnants of the beach don’t stick around and cause irritations.

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Dog Safety Tips at Beach

The beach can be a really fun place for your dog to run and play if you understand how to properly care for you dog at the beach. Enjoy the summer sun and waves together and most importantly, stay safe!

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