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There Are So Many Dog Daycare Options, How Do I Know I’m Picking The Right One?

While it may seem like dog daycares are opening up everywhere, not all are equal. When searching for the right doggy daycare for your pup be sure to check for these 5 signs of dog professionals.

Dogs socializing at dog daycare san antonio

1. Socialization

When choosing a doggy daycare in San Antonio, it is important to check their policy on socialization. Socialization comes easily when dog’s are properly introduced to others at a young age, but dogs who have had bad experiences or lack of socialization time may be more timid. At professional dog daycares, your dog will be taught how to properly socialize in a safe and supervised environment using techniques like positive reinforcement and gradual introduction to similar dogs.

mental exercise at dog daycare san antonio

2. Encouraging Mental Exercise 

Dogs are very smart animals, they learn quickly and are always eager to learn more. At professional doggy daycares, your dog will have the opportunity to continue their training. When searching for the best doggy daycare fit for your dog, ask if they develop mentally stimulating exercises. Examples of these mental exercises may include different scents placed around the yard or challenges that involve thinking and positive rewards.

physical exercise at dog daycare

3. Physical Exercise

Different breeds have different levels of energy and physical demands, but all dogs need to remain active to stay healthy. At professional dog daycares, dogs are separated by their energy level and play type. For some dogs walking around and meeting new dogs is enough while others need a friend to play tug-of-war and chase a water hose with. You will know you have found a professional doggy daycare in San Antonio when they offer different play pins and play schedules for the different energy needs.

how dog daycare helps with separation anxiety

4. Working With Anxiety

Many dogs suffer from anxiety. A common form is separation anxiety, which is often channeled into destructive behaviors like chewing up your couch cushions or gnawing on your wooden end table. Professional doggy daycares will have specially trained staff available to help dogs successfully overcome different forms and levels of anxiety.

dog daycare and proper dog care

5. Professional Care

When searching for a doggy daycare be sure to ask if their staff is certified in CPR or if they are continually receiving special trainings and certifications in pet health and care. You want a dog daycare that puts the health of your pup first.

When searching for a dog daycare in San Antonio be sure to do your homework and don’t be afraid to ask the important questions. Dogs are valued members of families and it is important that you chose a doggy daycare that feels the same way.

At Pawderosa Ranch, our doggy daycare staff are experts in the physical, mental and social health of your pets. We love dogs and invite you to experience the Pawdersoa difference!

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