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Watching our pups play with other pups brings us joy, but there’s a distinction between free play and structured play for them. Structured play refers to an organized activity created to offer dogs physical exercise, mental stimulation, and social interaction. Free play is when your dog is able to run, chase, and pounce freely with their furends. Often, you’ll find this unstructured play can result in conflicts in the play environment.

In a familiar home environment, household dogs can engage in free play comfortably as they have established rules and understand each other’s play styles. However, when your pup is meeting new furends, they may struggle with free play as they are unfamiliar with each other’s ways. For non-household dogs, structured play sessions are recommended to foster positive interactions. Structured play involves the humans monitoring energy levels, selecting group activities, and advocating for each dog’s needs.

At Pawderosa Ranch, we believe in creating a positive and enriching experience for every pup. Our small play groups, diverse daily activities, and short but engaging play sessions help dogs socialize, exercise, and have a great time. After the group play, our dedicated staff members also provide individual play sessions, giving each dog the personalized attention they love. This balanced approach to play allows dogs to thrive, make new friends, and enjoy their time at the ranch to the fullest.

Structured play sessions are beneficial for dogs, especially when they are in new environments or interacting with unfamiliar dogs. By carefully monitoring the energy levels of each dog and selecting appropriate group activities, we can ensure that playtime is fun and safe for everyone involved.

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