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We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our training options, providing three different choices to our clients. 
Our first option is our group classes. This six-week course is available exclusively at our Schertz location and is designed for pet parents who want to be more actively involved in their dog’s training journey. The course covers basic obedience, recall, place, polite greetings, leash manners, and door manners. During the one-hour class, pet parents work with their dogs in a small group setting, gaining knowledge alongside other pet parents.
In order to create the most effective learning environment, we have divided our group classes into two categories: puppies aged 3-6 months and adult dogs aged 7 months or older. By splitting the classes, the dogs are able to learn from others of their own age group.
We are now also offering a two-week Frontier Platinum program which is designed to help your pup become the best they can be. Held three days a week at any of our three locations, our Platinum course is packed with activities that will help your dog learn basic obedience, recall, place, leash manners, door manners, and polite greetings. Your furry friend will work alongside other dogs, playing and training together. Plus, they can still participate in all scheduled Frontier Club activities. During individual sessions with their trainer, your pup will receive personalized attention and guidance. 
Our Day with a Trainer program is the ultimate solution for dogs requiring more structured and guided training. This course spans four weeks and covers basic obedience, enrichment-based activities, structured playtimes, treadmill exercises, dog manners, introducing new furry siblings, confidence building, kennel conditioning, and trick training.
Give us a call to schedule a training program and watch your canine companion transform into a well-trained pup!
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