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In The Doghouse

Some dogs are more inclined to use a doghouse than others. If your dog was raised in a doghouse, they are patterned to it and feel comfortable in the structure. It is also thought that certain breeds take more naturally to a doghouse than others. Labs, for example, are people-oriented canines, and therefore may want to be inside with their families rather than outdoors. Despite any preexisting inclinations, though, dogs can be trained to use a dog house no matter their age or breed.

Keep Fido out of the sun while he is frolicking outback with one of these simple DIY doghouse ideas. With sustainability in mind, all of these examples were constructed using recycled and repurposed materials.

Drainage Pipe and Wood Hideaway

From our friends at, this fabulous repurposed drainage pipe is perfect for smaller pups. Designer Chad Smith created this one-of-a-kind recycled resting area.

Pallet Palace

Pallets are a popular material choice for people looking to build an inexpensive and environmentally conscious doghouse. This example luxury loft from 1001 Pallets was constructed from recycled pine pallets with the addition of a clock – because this border collie is a watch dog.

Pallet Dog House 1001 Pallets

Photo courtesy of


Cute Crate Kingdom

This creative shelter space was crafted from reclaimed materials including recycled fences. Travis Habersaat, who built this project that he called, “Don’t Fence Me In,” displayed his doghouse for the Austin Barkitecture event. He said, “I like the idea of taking something that previously kept a dog contained to a particular area and making into a space that it can call its outdoor home…”

doghouse recycled fence

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Keep it sustainable with a pet getaway that incorporates a green roof. This comfy dwelling design from Better Homes and Gardens has a rooftop garden that grrrrrreat for succulents, herbs or colorful annuals.

DIY doghouse garden roof

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Do It Yourself.


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