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There is nothing better than an ice cold treat on a hot summer day!

Keep your dog cool and happy with one of these 3 frozen dog-friendly summer treats.

DIY Frozen Dog Treat Watermelon

Watermelon Pup-Pops by Grrfeisty

A two ingredient fruity treat that will help your dog stay happy and cool during the long summer days! Blend seedless watermelon with coconut milk and pour into an ice tray, [bone ice tray not required although very cute], and you’ve got yourself a great frozen snack for your dog to enjoy. Read more. 

Dog toys frozen in water

Pup-Sicles by Ziplock

Ziplock knows how to keep it cool this summer! With just a ziplock container, a few of your dog’s favorite toys, fresh water, and the freezer, you can make your pup a fun toy to stay cool and busy. Try it for yourself. 

Frozen banana popsicles

Banana Pup-Pops by Bitz & Giggles

This simple 3 ingredient treat is sure to delight and cool your dog down. All you need is plain yogurt, bananas and dog-safe peanut butter. Finish off your pup-pops with a chew friendly handle and your dog will also enjoy plenty of great cool chew time! Find instructions here.

At Pawderosa Ranch we treat all of our ranchers to delicious homemade goodies that are safe and healthy. We incorporate ice, frozen treats and plenty of water to keep our dogs healthy and hydrated during the long summer days.


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