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Help, I Have Questions About Dog Boarding And Dog Daycare at Pawderosa Ranch!

Don’t worry, there are several questions we get on a regular basis. It is normal to want to educate yourself before making your choice for dog boarding or dog daycare. In fact, we recommend asking a bunch of questions! We encourage our dog owners to be as informed as possible.

If we don’t answer your question here, check out our Frequently ‘Arfed’ Questions, or give us a call! Either way, we are happy to help.

Question: Can Any Dog Come to Boarding or Daycare?

Answer: There are a few qualifications a dog must pass, but we do accept all breeds! Each rancher must pass a temperament interview. If you are worried your dog will not pass we urge you to still schedule an interview. You would be surprised how many dogs act out of leash aggression but are easy to be around when off! Also, the minimum age for dogs is 4 months, and any dogs over 8 months of age must be spayed or neutered.

pawderosa daycare boarding pug being cuddled

Question: What is Required of my Dog?

Answer:  We require that dogs are not aggressive towards other dogs or people. Again, if you are worried we still encourage you to schedule an interview. Also, all dogs must be up-to-date on their vaccinations and be on a flea preventative.

Question: My Dog is Up-To-Date on Vaccinations, Can He Still Get Sick?

Answer: Yes, dogs and bordetella are just like humans and the flu. While you can get a flu vaccination there are several different strands and the flu vaccine cannot protect against all of them. We require bordetella shots to be updated every 6 months to get ahead of any potential spread.

dog playing at pawderosa ranch daycare

Question: What Do the Dogs Do All Day?

Answer: They have fun! They play, explore, relax and hang out with friends. At the start of the day there is lots of play, then usually as the day carries on it’s time to take naps. In the summer heat, we have a mandatory naptime for all dogs in the air conditioning. We don’t have a set time for our summer naps, it depends on the heat of the day. We keep our older dogs, overweight dogs and short-nosed breeds in the air condition longer. Then before the end of the day we head back out for more play! We have toys, water hoses, and plenty of space to run!

We hope this has helped answer some of your questions about Pawderosa Ranch. Whether you are looking for dog boarding or doggy daycare in San Antonio or Schertz, TX, we invite you to bring your dog in for an interview. We will assess your dog individually and answer any remaining questions you may have.

We love dogs and look forward to meeting yours!

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