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Last week we introduced you to Obie the obese dachshund. These picture are from Obie’s Facebook account from 2 years ago when he weighed in at a whopping 77 lbs!

Obie the obese dachshund

Photo Credit: Facebook Biggest Loser Doxie Edition

Obie’s former owners were an elderly couple in poor health who loved their dog, but sadly, were unaware of the harm they were causing him by constantly over-feeding him and not allowing him to exercise.  Eventually, a relative of the couple stepped in, and Obie was given to Nora Vanatta, a certified veterinary technician with a degree in animal science.  Nora wasted no time getting Obie on a diet and made it her mission to help him get back to his healthy, energetic self.  After about a year on a carefully tailored diet and exercise plan, Obie was ready to show off his new beach body! Take a look at Obie now!

Obie the skinny dachshund

Photo Credit: Facebook Biggest Loser Doxie Edition

Yesterday marked the two-year anniversary of the start of Obie’s weight loss journey.  To this day, Obie is maintaining a healthy weight and is happier than ever!  Way to go Obie!  You are an inspiration to us all! Follow Obie’s journey on Facebook to see what he is up to these days! or visit

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