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Older dogs need an extra special kind of love and care. It’s true. They may not be able to hear or see anymore, but inside still beats the heart of that young pup that used to run and play with the kids in the backyard. As time goes on, it’s becoming more and more likely that your old timer’s got one or two of the 7 illnesses:

1. Arthritis

Arthritis is the inflammation of one or more joints as the cartilage between joints becomes worn and damaged. The only treatments are through medication or changes in diet and exercise.

2. Gum Disease

Saliva-hardened plaque from gingivitis creates tartar, which can then spread under the gum line and cause swelling. If not treated, the gums can begin to pull away from the teeth and can cause infections leading into the bloodstream and eventually organ damage. The best thing to do is catch gingivitis early before it turns into gum disease.

Dog Diabetes

3. Diabetes

Diabetes, the poor production and performance of insulin, is a common occurrence in female dogs usually at the age of eight or nine years old. Treatment options include giving your dog regular insulin shots.

4. Blindness

Deteriorating eyesight is part of the norm for aging dogs. It’s best to catch it early just when eyesight is beginning to fail that way you can teach your dog to rely more on his other senses. Cataracts are a good indicator of early eyesight failure.

5. Kidney Failure

When kidneys begin to fail, they are unable to remove waste and maintain a balance within your dog’s body. As the waste and toxins build up, it can cause kidney stones and treatment is difficult to come by.

6. Cancer

Cancer is the leading cause of death in senior dogs. It is important to notice any odd changes like lumps, random bleeding from the mouth, nose or ears, or changes in weight in your dog in order to catch it early and treat the cancer.

7. Dementia

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome is a medical condition that causes memory loss, personality changes, confusion, and disorientation; this can cause a dog to forget familiar toys, housebreaking practices and even their owners. There is no known cause to dementia, and there is no treatment.Dog Vet

The Unfortunate Truth about Elderly Dogs

An unfortunate truth about having a dog member of your family is that it inevitably becomes harder to care for them over time. The older your dog gets, the more sick he/she becomes, and the more of an emotional and financial strain it puts on your family. A large percentage of the 6-8 million dogs and cats entering U.S shelters each year are abandoned elderly pets. See

Aeonpet Co. Doggie Retirement Home

Around the world, the growing number of shelter dogs is becoming a serious problem. In Japan, a new law requires families to care for their family dogs until passing, to help decrease the number of elderly dogs being relocated to shelters. Less than month from now, Aeonpet Co., a subsidiary of the Aeon supermarket chain, will be opening an unbelievable luxury retirement home for dogs due to the growing demand of Japanese pet owners.

A Pricey Solution for Families with Elderly Dogs

The state-of-the-art retirement home will include a doggie gym (wait… what?), swimming pool, fancy kennels, and 24/7 veterinary care. The retirement home is expected to only be able to accommodate about 20 dogs initially and grow with time. The downside to all of it is the high price of care – about $1,000 a month.

At this point, Aeonpet is primarily geared towards dogs that need extensive, around-the-hour veterinary care and lots of attention that owners can no longer give. Hopefully, as time goes on, Aeonpet facilities will become a more cost effective solution for families with older dogs, but for the time being it’s a step in right direction.


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