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Pawderosa Ranch provides several training options for your dog, but let’s delve into why you should consider our group class program today. These group classes are available once a week at our Schertz location, tailored for puppies (3 to 6 months) and adult dogs (7 months and older).

  • Be the Leader: If you prefer to take an active role in training your dog, our group classes empower you to guide your furry friend’s learning journey under our trainer’s supervision. Learn how to train your dog effectively in our one-hour sessions for the following 6 weeks!
  • Socialize and Train: Challenge your dog’s obedience in the company of other dogs. Whether your dog is already familiar with basic commands or just starting, the group environment provides a safe yet stimulating learning atmosphere.
  • Cost-Effective: Looking for an affordable training option? Our group classes are budget-friendly, catering to those on a tight budget or those seeking a casual training experience.
Join our upcoming group class session starting on March 18th by reserving your spot via email at Classes continue in 6-week sessions, offering consistent training for your best friend.
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