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Rainy days (or Tropical Storms) can mean very little time outside for dogs.

Most pups are full of energy and look forward to their time running and romping around outside. If you find yourself stuck inside with a hyper dog, try these 5 creative ways to keep them entertained and (hopefully) tucker them out.

If your dog suffers from storm anxiety, please read our blog on how to calm your dog during a thunderstorm.

1. Send Them on a Treasure Hunt

Scatter their favorite smelly treats or toys around the house and send your dog on a hunt to find them all. The excitement of the hunt combined with all the physical and mental energy used for searching will help tucker out your pooch. Have fun with it and really create a challenge for them. Hide treats under pillows, behind doors and anywhere that makes for a fun little indoor adventure.

dog storm anxiety training techniques

2. Give Them Treat Filled Toys

A toy that you can stuff full of treats gives your dog an engaging challenge with sweet rewards! Most dogs will tire out from constantly pushing the toy around trying to get the treats out. Most pet stores have delicious filler and toy options.

3. Run The Stairs

If you have stairs in your home then you have a perfect place to run your dog! Try tag or follow the leader up and down the stairs. This option is great because it is exercise for your dog and you. If running up and down the stairs is not an option for you, try playing a game of fetch on the stairs. Sit at the top of the stairs and throw the ball down, they’ll (hopefully) bring it back up for you.

4. Go Shopping     

Brighten your dog’s rainy day with a trip to the pet store! Walking the aisles and sniffing all the toys and treats is super fun. This also combines the physical exercise of walking and the mental exercise of discovering. Be careful, this is only an option if the roads are safe to drive on. If you cannot leave the house you can still practice walking on a leash inside. This is a great opportunity to prefect loose leash walking or getting your dog comfortable wearing new and different harnesses.

rainy day dog ideas

5. Try Dog Daycare

Doggy daycare is open rain or shine. At daycare, your dog will be surrounded by so many friends, playing games and learning new tricks that he or she will return home a very tired and happy dog. You can then enjoy a lazy rainy evening curled up together on the couch!

Pawderosa Ranch was recently voted the best doggy daycare in San Antonio by the San Antonio Current. Keeping your dog busy with fun and stimulating activities is our specialty. Whether it’s a rainy weekend or a long day at work, treat your dog to a day (or half day) full of friends and fun.

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