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Something strange has been going on with your dog. You’ve been noticing that every time they lay down, they don’t stop biting their leg. You don’t think much of it, until one morning you notice a little bit of blood on the carpet next to them. After lifting up their leg and moving away the hair, you notice an open sore. What is this, and how can you insure that it goes away?

What is a Hot Spot?

Strictly speaking, a hotspot isn’t hot. A hot spot is a place where your dog has become so irritated and uncomfortable, that they bite, scratch, lick, and itch at it until it becomes and open sore. The causes of hot spots are numerous. Fleas, ticks, allergic irritations, and wounds can all contribute to the formation of a hot spot on a dog. It’s important to remember that the hot spot is an irritation on your animal, and that it causes them great discomfort. Looking for the signs of a hot spot are the most important ways to catch this problem before it gets out of hand. Excessive biting, licking, and scratching can all be signs of a hot spot developing on your dog.

How Do I Treat a Hot Spot?

If you catch the signs soon enough, you have a few options. ‘Bitter Spray’ can be a good, natural solution to get your dog to stop licking or biting at their sore. Wrapping it up in a bandage can also help, but if the irritation is great enough, they’ll more than likely bite it off to get to the source of their discomfort. If you don’t stop it soon enough and your dog opens up the skin, you can also apply a bandage with antibiotic-ointment to help heal the sore. But, they still may bite off the bandage. Really, as terrible as it is, the best solution is the ‘cone of shame.’ These can be bought at your local pet store and come in many colors and sizes. Keep the wound clean while the cone is on, and make sure that you leave it on long enough for the sore to heal completely, or the dog will continue to bite. This means that the skin comes back, and that the hair grows back over the scar.

Hot spots are troubling to both dogs and owners, but they are easily treated once they are discovered. Don’t freak out if you see your dog biting away at their leg for hours on end. Know that they are in extreme discomfort and they’re just trying to make it better. It’s up to you to help your dog out of this situation.


One thing that can make hot spots worse for dogs is having dirty hair. The hair becomes matted and tangled to such an extent that the dog starts to bite at it, causing the skin to open up and create a sore. Well, for dog washing, we’ve got you covered. If you just can’t seem to find the time to go through the hassle of cleaning off your best bud, then why not send them out for a day at the spa? Click the button below to view our dog washing services, and tell your dog to get ready for a day of luxury.



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