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We’ve all heard that dogs are naturally social creatures. That’s why many pet owners are concerned with the way dogs interact with other dogs and other people. Socialization is an important part of healthy development in dogs. If practiced properly, your dog will be noticeably happier and well behaved around other dogs and humans. So when do you start?

All sources recommend socializing your dog as a puppy. In their sensitive period (between 3 and 20 weeks) you should begin exposing your puppy to many new things. Get them comfortable being in new places, meeting new people, and playing with other dogs. The more new things you can introduce them to at a young age the better! Introduce them to men and women in uniform, men with big beards, women will long dresses, ducks, small mammals, gadgets and gizmos, and places with lights and sounds.

Now, as your puppy ages it becomes harder for them to be accepting of new experiences. Adult dogs are much more skeptical of other dogs, people and noises in unfamiliar circumstances, which leads to more stress in daily life. Socializing an adult dog isn’t impossible, but it requires training and patience.

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