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Dogs are man’s best friends. They give unconditional love, they make us laugh with their silly personalities and they always know when we need a hug. Like every best friend, you wish you could keep them forever. While unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to make dogs live as long as humans, there are ways you can help your dog live a long healthy life.

1. Dental Cleaning & Vaccinations

Just like in humans, dogs need their regular teeth  brushing and doctor visits to stay healthy. Vaccinations help stop the spread of diseases such as kennel cough, rabies, and the flu. Dog parks and dog kennels are great places to play with friends and enjoy socialization but much like a child’s daycare, germs are out there and everyone is susceptible!

Dog at vet to stay healthy

2. Healthy Weight & Food

Depending on your pup’s breed, just 2 pounds over weight can be a lot! Much like in humans, dogs that are overweight suffer from joint pain, heart problems, greater risk for stroke, a shorten life span and more. To maintain a healthy weight there are many things you can do. Start with replacing fatty treats with healthier options such as sweet potato, rice cakes or veggies like carrots. Pet stores and vet offices typically have a scale that you are welcome to use in between check ups. According to WebMD, a general rule of thumb is if your dog is 15% over the breed’s standard, they are obese.

Dogs playing at doggie daycare

3. Regular Exercise

When a dog receives regular exercise they are happier, healthier and overall a better behaved pup. Certain breeds need more exercise than others, but all need it. If it’s raining or you don’t always have access to a yard don’t be shy about getting creative with their exercises. Check out our ideas!  Doggie daycare is a great alternative to the usual walk around the block or morning jogs that aren’t always realistic. With time to nap during the heat of the day, doggie daycare pups spend the rest of their time romping around the yard with friends, toys and a staff who are experts at giving head pats and belly rubs.

It is important that when picking a dog daycare in San Antonio that you choose a place that has your dog’s best interest in mind. At Pawderosa Ranch we give each dog plenty of space and time to run and play. We require at each rancher is up and their vaccinations and while we love to give out treats, they are healthy homemade goodies made with only fresh ingredients.


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