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A question we get a lot is, “When can I bring my puppy in for grooming?”. While it is recommended that you wait until your puppy is up on their shots, so around 12 weeks old, it is never too early to start healthy grooming habits at home!

How To Introduce A Puppy To Grooming

Positive Touches

Reminding puppy owners that it is important to get their new baby used to being touched can seem a bit silly. Afterall, who doesn’t love to scoop up a new puppy and cuddle with them? However, introducing a puppy to calm, positive touches all over their body is so important to ensure a positive future with grooming.

Groomer Tip: Each puppy has a different area they aren’t big fans of being touched in. Whether it’s their head, chest or tail, be sure to spend extra time calmly petting these areas. Reward positive responses with treats and love.

getting a puppy used to a bath

Play With Your Puppy’s Feet

Messing with a puppy’s feet is very important for several reasons. For grooming, when a dog is comfortable with people touching their feet, trimming nails and clipping hairs is a much more enjoyable and safer process. Also, if your dog was to step on something or hurt themselves you will need them to remain calm while you inspect their feet. Struggling to hold down a nervous dog’s foot is no fun, start early and play with their feet!

Groomer Tip: Rub their paw pads and mess with the space in between their toes a few times a day. It is natural for a puppy to pull away, so make sure it is a positive experience reinforced with lots of love and treats!

introducing a puppy to a brush

Brushes Are Friends, Not Foes

Imagine getting a knot in your hair and not being able to get it out. Every time you ran your hands through your hair, tried to pull your hair into a ponytail, or scratched an itch you would get caught on that knot. Brushing is so important, no matter the breed! As dogs age and their coat grows, everyone needs a good brushing. Puppies often spook easily to new things, especially those that feel weird and aren’t fun to chew on! Introduce brushing slowly, start with just a few strokes the first day and work your way up to a full brushing. Before long, your puppy will look forward to spending this time with you getting extra belly rubs and a tangle free coat!

Groomer Tip: When first introducing the brush let them spend time with it, sniffing, investigating and even playing. Reward positive interactions with treats or positive affirmation.

Both the airport and schertz locations are excited to share that they will be offering full service grooming! Our groomers are some of the best and they take pride in helping your dog look and feel great. Drop your dog off for a day of doggie daycare or overnight boarding and let us worry about sending them home nice and clean!


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