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There’s more to proper dog grooming than the obvious bath after a roll in the mud.

Regular thorough grooming is beneficial to your dog’s health. Dogs need nail trimming, regular brushing and even teeth brushing. Start these dog grooming tips  now and help your dog enjoy a healthy and comfortable life.

Trim Your Dog’s Nails Regularly

When a dog’s nails become too long they can become a danger to their health. Walking becomes difficult and often times dogs find themselves straining their muscles. Ingrown toenails can happen causing painful infections. If your dog is outside a lot they might not need nail trims, but indoor dogs need regular trims. You can file or clip your dog’s nails yourself, just be careful not to go too far! If you are apprehensive, book dog grooming with us!

Dog getting nails clipped

Brush Your Dog’s Coat Regularly

Brushing your dog’s coat not only feels good to them, it’s good for their skin! Regular brushing helps to remove dirt and dander and reduces the chance of nasty tangles. If shedding is a problem regular brushing may help reduce the amount of loose hair that sticks to your furniture and clothing (and car seats and tile floor and floats through the air). While brushing also look for any unusual bumps, spots, ticks or fleas. 

Dog's Coat Getting Brushed

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Regularly

Gum disease and tooth decay are real problems for dogs. Dogs should have their teeth brushed once a day and no less than once a week. Start slowly and do not use human toothpaste. Introduce the toothbrush like you would many other possibly unpleasant things. Let them chew on it as you get them used to it being around their mouth. Slowly introduce the toothpaste and only brush as many teeth as your dog will allow in one sitting. 

Sometimes just finding time to wash your dog can be tough! However, to ensure happy and healthy days ahead, it is important that you incorporate these best grooming tips into your schedule.

Looking for dog grooming near you? At Pawderosa Ranch we offer a full Salon & Spa service. You choose between our professional dog grooming services or you can come by and use our waist high sinks, shampoo, clippers and more for yourself. We understand the importance of proper dog grooming and are here to help! 


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