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How do you know your dog truly loves you? I mean, “from the depths of his soul” loves you? It seems like our dogs make it a point everyday to show us how much they care about us in little ways, but none like this German Shepard, Capitan.

In 2006 Capitan’s owner and best friend Manuel Guzman past away, and in his grief, Capitan ran away from home. For a week Guzman’s family searched for Capitan until finally they found him in an unlikely place. Prior to Guzman’s death, Capitan had never visited the local cemetery according to Guzman’s widow. Yet there he sat, right next to Guzman’s grave after the week long search.

Every day for the last six years, the German Shepard has left in the afternoon to guard the grave of his owner Manuel Guzman.

Capitan refused to leave the grave site of his diseased friend, and when Guzman’s family returned home with him, they found Capitan scratching and barking to be let outside in the evenings. Guzman’s family decided it best to let him out upon realizing Capitan would return home during the days for food and shelter. Cemetery staff members have even taken a liking to the loyal guard dog, and offer him food and water to hold him over during his night watch.

Never have I heard a story of such loyalty and love between dog and owner. The miraculous persistency of one faithful companion, made to watch over his master for his entire life. This story is one of true love without limits and without end.


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