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There are a lot of questions surfacing about animal cruelty, because of the growing number of cases happening all over the world. What is our role in stopping animal cruelty? How do we know when to act and how to act when we see the signs? Is it worth it to get involved? What are the penalties and laws associated with animal cruelty?

Even though we may have a lot of fun all week with our cow pups at the Ranch, we still need to be mindful of our less fortunate pups who could be in our very own community. Here are a few things to look out for in the community, that you can act on:

From, here are a few of the sign and symptoms in common animal cruelty cases:

sick dog(1) Tick and flea infestation. If you or someone you know has an animal with an obvious flea and tick condition, talk to a vet quickly before conditions get worse. Flea and tick problems CAN become fatal. (2) Wounds on the body left untreated. (3) Missing patches of hair or thinning of the coat.

(4) Animals that are abnormally thin for a certain type of breed. (5) Limping animals who haven’t receive care. (6) An owner striking or otherwise physically abusing an animal.

dog in yard(7) Dogs who are repeatedly left alone without food and water, often chained up in a yard.(8) Dogs who have been hit by cars-or are showing any of the signs listed above-and have not been taken to a veterinarian. (9) Dogs who are kept outside without shelter in extreme weather conditions. (10) Animals who cower in fear or act aggressively when approached by their owners.

Be on the look out for these signs in your community. It could help save the lives of those animals affected by animal cruelty.

Get started today by raising awareness. Share this article with a few friends on Facebook!

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