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“No! No! No!” No matter what, your dog won’t stop barking, digging up the garden and jumping on your guests, but have you tried everything? Playtime is an often overlooked method of improving your dog’s behavior, and it’s the kind of solution that benefits you and your dog, as opposed to constant scolding.

[highlight align=”left, right, center” style=”default, different”]Cheryl Carter, owner of Candy’s Canines and expert dog trainer says, “Every time I take my dogs to the vet for check-ups, he says, “They have the heart of an athlete, strong and steady!” I do believe the fresh air and activity has promoted my dogs’ health – mentally and physically.” Cheryl has been training animals since 1996, and even trains her dogs to compete in athletic competitions regularly. See full interview.[/highlight]
[highlight align=”left, right, center” style=”default, different”]Not many of us have the time (or the physical strength) to run 5 miles with our dogs everyday, but across the board, experts suggest that dogs be continuously active for their health.What happens when a dog doesn’t participate in regular activity? Often, without an outlet for their energy, dogs begin to develop behavioral issues. We often scold our dogs for bad behavior before we think about taking them for a walk or playing a simple 15 minute game with them. Here are a few 15 minute activities for dogs that will help build your relationship with him/her, and keep them happy and healthy.[/highlight]

The Simple, 15-Minute Walk

[highlight align=”left, right, center” style=”default, different”]Take a walk around the block, or even better, change up the route and drive your dog somewhere new![/highlight]

Play Hoops!

[highlight align=”left, right, center” style=”default, different”]A standard size goal in the driveway might be a little out of his reach, but try using a bucket or box. Show him how to drop the ball in the bucket by using the command “drop”. Take your 15 minutes to teach him this every day and he’ll be playing hoops before you know it![/highlight]

Jump Higher!

[highlight align=”left, right, center” style=”default, different”]Using a hula hoop, instruct your dog to go through the hoop while giving him a treat at the end each time. Do this for 15 minutes each day, and raise the hoop a little bit every time! He will feel a since of accomplishment and you will be able to show him off to your friends before long![/highlight]

The Doggie Playdate

[highlight align=”left, right, center” style=”default, different”]There is nothing that is more stimulating to a dog than socializing with other dogs. If your dog has been socialized, he/she can play with other dogs all day. Find out if there is a local dog park you can take him to and turn him loose for 15 – 20 minutes or so. If you don’t have one in mind, he’s always welcome to come play with us![/highlight]

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[highlight align=”left, right, center” style=”default, different”] We feel it is our duty as dog lovers to ensure the happiness and health of every dog that comes through our doors. Get your free copy of Success Stories Ebook here![/highlight]

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