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Lets talk about your dog. If you had to guess, right now what do you think he/she is up to? Most would say sleeping, or relaxing while chewing on a bone. These are habits that are most commonly associated with dogs, other than eating and marking their territory. But, this activity or lack there of, is not the best way for your dog to carry out all of his days. He’s basically “unemployed” and probably not too happy about it.

Two Commonly Forgotten But Important Needs

[highlight align=”left, right, center” style=”default, different”]Dogs have two important needs that are similar to human beings. One is socialization. They need interaction with other dogs and humans to be mentally happy and healthy. Socialization gives dogs the ability to handle situations that might otherwise cause fear and anxiety; namely around strangers and unfamiliar dogs.[/highlight] [highlight align=”left, right, center” style=”default, different”]The second need is physical activity and a personal sense of worth. This can vary, depending on the breed. For instance, a poodle may have no desire to herd sheep like a border collie would. Nonetheless, the poodle still has the need to be active as well. He/she wants to go out and protect you on your walk, and run at the dog park to release some energy.[/highlight]

Mental Activity Is Important

[highlight align=”left, right, center” style=”default, different”]Activities are also good for strengthening the doggy mind. Keep your dog’s mind active by teaching he/she a new trick every once in a while and rewarding them for it. Dogs love to be praised, but they also want to earn it! We have a guide coming soon that will give you a list of “pawesome” activities you can teach your dog in 15 minutes or less![/highlight]

So what is your dog doing right now?

[highlight align=”left, right, center” style=”default, different”]If your answer to this questions is almost always eating, sleeping or chewing on a bone, consider another option.[/highlight]

We have regular doggie daycare guests that we welcome each week to Pawderosa Ranch Doggie Play and Stay. Drop your pup off with us for a few hours on occasion, and let him fulfill those two natural needs, socialization and playtime.

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