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Having a shy dog can be difficult. You may believe that all you need to do is get your pet together with other dogs by visiting to a dog park or organizing a play date. However, these interactions may not be enough to overcome the issue, nor are they supervised by professionals. At Pawderosa Ranch, we encourage you to consider the benefits of doggie daycare for your shy pup.

Our ranch staff are San Antonio dog daycare and socialization specialists. We work with each pet’s unique personality and use proven best practices for proper socialization of dogs at all levels of shyness. Because of this, we are confident that your dog will love making new friends while at the ranch, making their shyness a thing of the past in no time. Here’s a look at how doggie daycare in San Antonio can offer help for even the shyest of pups.

shy dogs at dog daycare

Exposure to Multiple Dog Personalities

When your pup spends time at doggie daycare, they will have supervised exposure to other dogs of various personalities. We start introductions with dogs of similar size and energy level, then as their time at dog daycare continues, we introduce them to dogs all of ages, sizes and play types. This technique ensures your pet will learn how different dogs greet each other, how they begin a friendly game of chase or tug-o-war, and even how to just enjoy being in the same space as each other.

Expert Staff Supervision

Our staff supervises each interaction and playtime. It is important for our staff to supervise because shy dogs often don’t know how to communicate that their beginning to feel overwhelmed or nervous. Having a dog behavioral expert supervise keeps the interactions positive for everyone involved.

dogs playing at san antonio dog daycare

Progress At Their Own Pace

Our staff is never in a rush to push a dog past their comfort level just to move them into larger playgroups. It is important to us that we move at a pace that your pup is comfortable with while still encouraging growth and progress. At our doggie daycare there are play spaces for dogs to enjoy a whole group of friends or spend time with just their favorite one or two.

The experts at Pawderosa Ranch are devoted to helping your dog learn how to be more social and overcome their shyness. We know that when you provide your dog with long term daycare, it has a positive effect on your animal’s health and well being. Not only that, but your pup will also make plenty of friends! Get started today, join San Antonio’s best dog daycare.

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