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Who’s a good boy? Your dog is, of course! Pet owners know that every good boy needs lots of love, outdoor playtime, treats, and dog toys for fun. Keeping up with the Boneses can be tough when dog toy prices are so high, but we’ve got some fun, cost-effective ways to give your pup new toys without spending a dime.

Whether you craft like Martha Stewart or cut yourself using safety scissors, you can make these simple DIY dog toys for your pooch in no time:

Crackle Bottle Toy

An old crinkled water bottle has all the right stuff for your pooch, lots of noise and a tricky shape to keep them entertained. 

You’ll need: 

  • An empty water bottle with the cap removed
  • Fabric from an old piece of clothing or dish towel

To make:

  1. Crinkle the water bottle up well. The more the crinkle, the more excitement for your pup!
  2. Take the old fabric and wrap it around the bottle until completely covered. Cut into strips if that helps in the wrapping process.
  3. Braid the ends to hold everything together firmly. 

Tada! Your crackle bottle toy is finished. 

Tug Toy

Dogs love playing with tug toys, but owners despise the costs. The solution? This DIY option:

All you need (seriously, this is it):

  • Old t-shirt or a worn-out pair of jeans

To transform these pieces from drab to fab for Fido:

  1. Cut three equal length strips from the t-shirt or jeans. 
  2. Braid the strips together and tie a knot at each end. 
  3. Pull the knots tight to strengthen the toy.

It couldn’t be simpler! 

Paw Pro Tip – take this toy to the next level by adding a ball! Drill a hole through a tennis ball and, before you knot the second end, thread the tug toy through the ball. Then, add your final knot and you’ve got a souped-up version of the classic!

Tennis Ball Treat Puzzle

Dogs need mental challenges to keep their instincts sharp. Not only will your dog enjoy playing with this toy, but she’ll also earn a delicious treat when she solves the puzzle.

Your supplies:

  • Tennis ball
  • Knife
  • Dog Treats 

To make the puzzle treat toy:

  1. Cut the tennis ball along the seam to create a flap or do a cross cut with two slits opposite each other. Choose which option is best depending on your dog’s anticipated skill level. 
  2. Squeeze the ball to allow an opening to drop the treats inside.
  3. Toss it to your pup and watch them work the puzzle, eventually releasing a treat and reaping the benefits of their hard work.

Fleece Fluff Ball

A classic toy for dogs (and cats) to enjoy! First, let’s gather our materials:

  • Fleece or fabric scraps
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Heavy-duty string

Construction is easy:

  1. Cut your fleece/fabric into equal sized strips. The more strips, the more fluff!
  2. Stack your strips on top of each other until lined up in a single row.
  3. Take your string and wrap around the center of the stack tightly, multiple times, and knot. Repeat this at least 5 times to ensure the middle is secure. You’re almost there!
  4. Your toy should look a bit like a flower at this point. Your final step – separate the layers pulling in all directions and fluff as you go. 

Voila! A fun, whimsical, fluffy ball of excitement for your pet to enjoy!

Handcrafted dog toys save dog owners tons of money without sacrificing their dog’s need for playtime. The above DIY dog toy ideas are a few of the many you can make at home in your spare time. Let the fun begin!

These toys are sure to keep your dog entertained. But when they need some fun that’s a little more involved, bring them to Pawderosa Ranch! We’re always looking for friends to join the pawty. Schedule a doggy playdate today!

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