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When I say “hot dog”, I don’t mean the delicious knackwurst you can purchase at the county fair or any old sporting event (Go Spurs Go!). I’m talking about your furry companion in the heat of summer. As Texans, we all know just how intense and uncomfortable summers can be. The rising temperatures, thick humidity, and possible droughts are all too familiar. Rest assured, we’re going to make it through another scorcher yet again, but keep in mind the dangers of heat exhaustion that lurk at every turn. Here are the 5 tips to help keep your pets cool and safe!

Dog in Parked Car

1. Never leave your dog in a parked car.

Regardless if you have the windows cracked or not, the temperature inside a car can drastically increase. An 85-degree day can reach about 120-degrees after 30 minutes within a car. Heat like this can cause irreversible organ damage or death.

Dog Panting

2. Watch out for humidity.

On hot summer days, it’s easy to notice that your pup may be panting a lot. This is so your doggie can release moisture from their lungs, which allows them to cool off.

If humidity is too high, they are unable to cool themselves off efficiently, and their temperature will shoot up to dangerous levels.

Dog Exercise

3. Limit exercise during peak heat hours

If you’re taking your dog out for some activity, it’s best to do so early morning or during the evening. Try your best to stay away from walking/running on asphalt because it can burn and blister your dog’s paws. Walk on grass if possible and always carry water with you!

Dog Shade

4. Provide shade, water, and cool your pet.

Seems simple enough, but at all opportunities, try to keep your four-legged companion shaded. Note: doghouses can actually be dangerous during the summer at it’s peak high temperatures.

Dog Water

5. Keep your dog hydrated and add ice to their water when possible.

Keep them cool by making them popsicles or giving them a cool bath soak if tubs don’t cause them stress.

Dogs have a physiological response unique to human beings; their bodies cool down in different ways than ours do, so be cautious during this time of year. Be aware of your dog’s body temperature, heart rate, and even if they’re panting at an unusually high rate. We love our dogs cool and happy!

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