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You’ve heard it time and time again, dogs are a man’s best friend, but what is it that makes the dog-human relationship so special? Is their loyal nature unparalleled to anything else?  Why are there so many dog lovers out there? Here’s why we think dog’s are mans be friend:

1. They’re always excited and eager to greet you after a long days work.

2. The unconditional love we get from our faithful friends provides both of us with something that attributes to our overall well being.

3. They’re the best snugglers and napping partners.

naptime dog and baby4. They won’t complain if you use them as a pillow!

5. They tolerate all of the crazy Halloween costumes we make them wear.

6. They are always there to protect you and make your house feel safe and secure.

7. They keep us on our feet! With walks, runs, and trips to the park, dogs have a special way of keeping us active.

8. They make us laugh even on the worst days, and remind us of how silly we are.

9. When we’re sad they know it, and they know just how to comfort us.

These are just a few of the many reasons why these guys are so special and make the perfect best friends! They’re just as important to us as we are to them. They give us everything and live to please us; in return it’s our job as owners and companions to make sure they live a happy life.

 Here at Pawderosa Ranch we love our best friends as much as you do. CONTACT US today or download our free ebook for examples of how we give back to mans best friend.

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