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Have you ever wondered why your dog does some of the strange things that he does? Most of his odd behaviors are actually instinctual, from back in his days as a wild, untamed dog. His doggie ancestors played a big part in the unusual behavior that we see today. Here’s why your four-legged friend has such strange habits.

1. Sticks his head of the window


Why is it that dogs always love to stick their head out of the window when you go on a neighborhood drive?  Is it because the just like the way the breeze feels through their hairy mane? Maybe.But experts say the reason that dogs stick their heads out of the window is actually to pick up  smells as they whiz across town. Dogs thrive on  sniffing everything and each neighborhood, city section, and state has a different scent to offer!

2. Shakes his toys furiously from side to side


Before the days of dogs being domesticated, they would take their prey and shake it back and forth until the neck of the victim would snap!  The behavior you’re probably more familiar with and might find cute or endearing, is when your pup shakes his toys during play!

3. Transports his food to another location


Some dogs will take their food out of their dog bowl and carry it to another room to eat, but why? This again goes back to the days when dogs had to fend for themselves. The more dominant dogs would steal all of the lower pack member’s food. So, once they had their piece of food they would go to another area to eat. This behavior is most common in homes that have multiple dogs or “pack houses”.

4. Hides his treats


Does your pup bury his bones in the backyard or hide them from himself in the couch cushions? When dogs used to have to find their own food and hunt for themselves, when food was plentiful they would bury the extras to save for later.

What about those behaviors that you just can’t explain?

Dog Boarding Socialization EbookAdult dogs can sometimes get anxious in new environments or situations, causing them to behave differently than they normally would in the comfort of their home.

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