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Continuing our theme for November – Canine Health Awareness month – it’s time to talk about the foundation of your dog’s health – fitness. At Pawderosa we know that going for walks around the neighborhood and the local dog park are typically the only fitness activities many dogs get, but this can get quite boring for both dog and owner alike! Fortunately you’ve got options. Next time you’re feeling restless, bring your adventure buddy along to these amazing parks in San Antonio your dog will love!

Brackenridge Park

San Antonio dog boarding and daycare brackenridge-park

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There are walking and bicycling paths throughout this 343 acre urban park. Dogs on leash are allowed, and owners must clean up after their pets. The park is located near downtown San Antonio. The trees are old-growth behemoths – providing a great deal of shade as you explore the cool banks of the San Antonio River.

The botanical gardens and city zoo are also nearby, as well as the ever-popular Japanese tea gardens, if you’re looking for additional activities.

Comanche Lookout Park

San Antonio dog boarding and daycare Comanche Lookout

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Comanche Lookout Park is a 96-acre public park located on the northeast side of San Antonio. The site includes the fourth highest point in Bexar County with an elevation of 1,340 feet. Native Americans used this high vantage point to keep watch during wartime and to track game when hunting.

Most of the trails meander uphill all the way to the top. The view from the summit is nearly panoramic and sunsets are a must-see event. Challenge yourself and your dog by sprinting up the rocky, unpaved slope of the hill and feel the burn!

McAllister Park

San Antonio dog boarding and daycare mcallister-park

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McAllister Park is comprised of 976 acres on the north side of San Antonio between Jones Maltsberger and Wetmore Roads.

McAllister Park is a fantastic location to take your dog, as it offers not only miles of wooded trails but also its very own dog park. The dog park features exercise equipment, a covered picnic area, benches and a walking trail. There is a small dog spot adjacent to the large dog spot, so young puppies and little dogs can enjoy the space and not get clobbered!

Salado Creek Greenway

San Antonio dog boarding and daycare salado creek greenway

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This greenway features 19 miles of trail among scenic natural landscapes and includes a unique 3,400-foot boardwalk that runs along a Salado Creek wetland area by Nacogdoches Road. This trail is still currently under development but already has three sections that are open for recreation.

It’s recommended you bring enough water for you and your dog as drinking fountains are spread far apart.

What are you waiting for? Go join the pack!

The theme for November is canine health awareness. So if you and your four-footed friend are looking to turn over a new leaf in the fitness department – there’s never been a better time. Get out there, explore, sweat, and make some delightful memories with your dog!

Going out of town but still want your pup to stay active and have fun? Book a stay at the Ranch!



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